• Roasted Chickpea & Veggie Salad

    Roasted Chickpea & Veggie Salad Recipe

    It has been forever since I wrote a blog post!Honestly though,I'm not moving on from food blogging!I've just been experimenting with video recipe tutorials!(have you checked out myYouTube channel?)You should follow me on Instagram where I'm recreating some really easy recipes in video form!!

    Anyway,coming back to today's recipe – a warm,protein-rich chickpea salad!A Vegetarian's dream come true!With an abundance of fresh seasonal vegetables and roasted chickpeas,this wholesome salad is a full meal by itself.

  • Vegetable Bajji (Bhajiyas)

    Vegetable Bajji or Bhajiya are nothing but battered and deep fried veggies!!
    Vegetable Bajji Recipe | Indian Bhajiyas - Deep Fried Snacks

    REPOSTING THIS: So I've got a recipe video tutorial for you guys.In case you follow me on various social media channels (which if you don't yet,you should!!),I started posting these quick Tasty-style videos.I'm having fun and recording cooking videos and I hope you guys have fun watching them!Not a pro yet,but I hope to learn along the way!🙂 Your feedback is welcome!!

    Anyway,back to the post – the BHAJIYA or South Indian BAJJI.Deep fried Besan-coated veggies!A snack loved by one and all in India!🙂

  • LG Inverter Linear Fridge | #ProductReview

    A product review for the new LG Inverter Linear Fridge…

    LG Fridge #DaysOfFreshness

    188bet金宝搏下载About a month ago,I welcomedLG's new refrigerator,that boasted of a host of innovative technology,including Inverter Linear Compressor,Auto Smart Connect,Smart Diagnosis and much more.And to top it all,it was an Eco-friendly Variant too!!

    Naturally,I was excited to use it and see how great the food was.I was particularly keen on testing the freshness,since LG claims to have advanced technology that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to a week.Read on to find out my experience with the fridge and learn more 188bet金宝搏下载about its features –