Arisi Upma

ASouth-Indiandelicacy,this simple vegetarian Arisi Upma is great as a breakfast,lunch or dinner!
Arisi Upma Recipe by 188bet金宝搏下载Foodomania - South Indian Rice Upma with step by step recipe tutorial | Video recipe for arisi upma | Vegetarian Indian Breakfast recopes

One of my earliest memories of eating theArisi Upmais at a traditional Hindu temple in Mumbai.Made with no-fuss ingredients,this dish is the perfect example of just how simple,yet tasty theTamil Brahmin cuisineis.

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Aloo Paratha

Delicious Punjabi Aloo Paratha Recipe with Step-by-Step Pictures and a Video Tutorial
Aloo Paratha Recipe by 188bet金宝搏下载Foodomania | Step-by-step recipe to make Punjabi Alu ke parathe | Potato Flatbreads | Vegetarian Recipes

Some dishes are so close to your heart,you can eat them every single day!Aloo Paratha – to me – is one of those dishes!Curd rice,by the way,is another one of them (South-Indian blood,what can I say?)

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